Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Extensive repairs and even new installations come at top dollar, which is why it’s important to undergo regular air conditioning maintenance. Our technicians at Perfect Weather AC have the skills needed to maintain your AC unit and to keep your house cool in all kinds of weather.

We offer the following services to keep your AC unit operating at top notch:


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Outdoor & Indoor Coil Cleaning

The outdoor coil, also called the condenser coil, is responsible for transferring the warm air to the outside. The indoor coil or the evaporator coil on the other hand, takes the hot air from the house. Both of these coils are highly important to the daily operations of any air conditioner. Dust, mold and other particles tend to dirty these coils causing them to work less effectively. When this happens your air conditioner is less effective and needs more energy to run, which means more costs for you! Sometimes you may think you need to repair your AC unit when really you just need a simple coil cleaning.

Tightening & Checking of Electrical Components

Is your air conditioner not running correctly? One of the first things to check is if the electrical parts are connected properly. Even from general usage, these parts can loosen without anyone even realizing it. Our technicians can check these parts of your AC unit to make sure everything is properly connected. We’ll even give them a cleaning to help restore the efficiency of your air conditioner!

Inspecting Refrigerant Pressure

One thing that will affect your air conditioner’s performance is it’s pressure. The substance that allows your home to feel cool is called refrigerant. During an air conditioning cycle, the refrigerant goes back and forth from being a gas to a liquid. During this cycle, the gas pressure should be very low while the liquid should containing a high pressure. At Perfect Weather AC, our technicians can check the pressure of the refrigerant through out the AC cycle so you can rest easy knowing your system is running as smoothly as possible.

System Motors Lubrication

Does your air conditioner seem like it’s slowing down or sounding really loud? These could be tale tell signs that the motors aren’t lubricated. When the motors in an AC system aren’t lubricated enough it has to use a higher amount of energy to operate. More energy equals more money! We have the tools to lubricate your motors so that your system can reduce its energy usage and run at the right speed.

Condensate Lines Cleaning

When your evaporator coil produces condensation, your air conditioner’s condensation line is responsible for getting rid of said condensation. If the condensation line isn’t working properly, then the condensation can lead to mold growth and other damaging substances. If condensation lines are cleaned regularly, your AC will run much smoother and need less repairs in the future.

Drain Pan Cleaning

The drain pan’s job is to drain the condensation your AC system produces away from your home. The drain pan unfortunately has a tendency to get dirty fast. At Perfect Weather AC we will make sure your drain pan is clean. A clean drain pan is better prepared to protect your home or business from water damage or flooding.

We Clean with the Latest in UV Technology

Third Generation UV Light

The LightStick UV is a development collaboration between Dust Free and the leading UV lamp manufacturer in Europe using the highest quality components the industry has ever seen from the power supply and lamp to connectors and cordage. The LightStick UV utilizes low mercury lamps that are good for the environment and provide high ambient temperature operation. 100% ozone free.

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